B2b Copywriting Services : Six Different Types of Copy

B2b copywriting services are available to you at affordable rates. Having a copywriter means you can dedicate more time to the actual running of your business. B2b copywriting differs from b2c in the fact that it is aimed at other businesses as opposed to the customer or client. That asides, there are probably more types of copywriter than you imagine available. Below is a look at six types of copywriter and what each one is best for. It is extremely rare to find one writer who is good at all areas of writing copy. So, choose your writer with care. We highly recommend Campfire Copywriter

B2b Copywriting Services : Creative Copywriting

Creative writers are gifted. They have a magical way in which they can create copy that is snappy, short, punchy, and memorable. They are great at coming up with attention-grabbing concepts. Choose a creative copywriter for headlines and campaign concepts; do not choose one for your new e-book!

Digital Copywriting Services

The digital copywriter uses microcopy that gets visitors to click app and use websites. “Start your free trial” buttons are created by this breed of copywriters. Perfect for call to action and social media, they provide copy that will get people to sign up for or try your product or service.

b2b copywriting services

Marketing b2b Copywriting Services

A marketing copywriter is part writer, part psychologist. Not only can he grab the attention of your visitor. He is capable of making them believe in you and your product. Your service or product is the one thing missing from their lives. He is able to sustain an argument and turn it around to ensure that you and your product are still the very best. Excellent for anything from email campaigns to e-books, the marketing copywriter is worth his weight in gold.

The Explainer

The explainer copywriter is capable of presenting a logical and rational case; for investment or for purchasing a product or technology. His copy is easy to read and digest, and he will present a clear argument for why you should make a purchase or try a product.

SEO Copywriters

SEO copywriting services have changed significantly in the past year. Google now penalizes content that is keyword-stuffed, so you can expect to pay more for this type of service than in past years. Perfect for keyword rich blog posts and articles, your SEO copywriter is responsible for successfully getting your content to the top of the search rankings.

Technical b2b Copywriting Services

Technical writing is rare and it is the hardest type of copy. You will find graduates to write this type of copy for you. People who understand technology in detail, but perhaps who lack creativity in their copy. Hire a technical copywriter for writing your user manual or to explain your product. But don’t expect him to write your creative copy too!

These are just six different types of copywriter. There are more. As mentioned before, it is difficult to find someone who is good at all areas of copy. So choose your b2b copywriter with the utmost care!


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