Copywriting Vs Content Writing for your Website

In today’s business world, having a website is crucial to your success. But you will also be aware that not any old website will do anymore. Your web page needs to be mobile friendly, accessible to disabled users, and more. One question that might be bothering you is whether you need a copywriter or a content writer for your website, and what the difference is. So Copywriting Vs Content Writing, let’s find out more.

Copywriting Vs Content Writing : Your Basic Website

Before you start worrying about whether you need to have copy or content written for your website, you need to have a solid foundation. A website that is optimised for the search engines and one that people will find. Optimising your website is done by SEO. Search engine optimisation should be organic, and paying for links and adverts is not a good idea, and also it is an expensive one.

Copywriting Vs Content Writing : Content for your Website

Your website needs content that will reach out to your customers and encourage them to buy a product from you or try your service. This content should be well-written by a copywriting expert and will include your homepage and subpages for each product or service that you offer.

copywriting vs content writing


Copywriting for your website needs to engage with the reader. It needs to make them feel as though you are an authority on the niche in question. It needs to make them feel as though you are their only option and they must buy from you. This type of copy is different from the initial content of your website. Your initial content will talk about who you are and what you do, and will be divided into the different main pages of your website.

Your copy however will often be found in your news or blog section. This section of your website is extremely important as it will enable you to build your authority within your niche and will provide you with the opportunity to put quality links into your website.

Copywriting for this section of your website can be written by yourself, or you can hand over to a professional copywriter. You may know what news you want to share with your readers, but unless you know how to write persuasive copy, your news stories will never go onto create sales.

Copywriting Vs Content Writing : Conclusion

A successful and powerful website will only succeed if it contains the right content and powerful copy that is persuasive and informative. For a website that really hits the rankings and produces a good conversion rate, it is highly recommended that you use the experts for writing your copy and content.

Affordable monthly packages are available from your local Bristol copywriting experts that will allow your website to be constantly updated and be seen by the people who will buy from you. There are many different types of content and copywriting, that it really is best to let the professionals take charge for you!

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