Creative Copy Writing vs Technical Copywriting

Creative copy writing or copywriting as it is most commonly spelled can sell you product. It can change a mediocre website into one that has the highest conversion rate. When your website is full of creative and engaging copy, your bounce rate will drop, and return visitors to your site will increase. So, what is the difference between creative copy and technical copy and which do your need for your online content.

If you are selling a product online, then the product description will be technical. This type of technical copy can be written by yourself or you can choose to employ a professional for the job. Any instruction manuals will also be technical copy. This type of copy does not need to be creative nor does it need to engage the reader. Its purpose is to tell the reader in concise and not too technical terms how a product or device operates and what features it has.

If you are selling electronic items then you will need this type of copy. For other products and services creative copy writing will also pay a large part in your online campaign. It is your aim to become the authority in the niche you have chosen. This means engaging your readers with creative copy writing that will provide them with advice they can rely on. Once they rely on you, they will come back to you for more advice and to buy more products or services from you.

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Creative Copy Writing : Why Hire a Professional

Whereas technical writing only requires good grammar and a high standard of English, creative copy requires something that not everyone has or can learn. If you find yourself falling asleep reading back over your own blog posts then you know it’s time to call in the professionals.

Creative copy is not necessarily salesy. It is an entirely separate breed of copy that only professionals can make perfect. Being able to catch the heart of your reader with a page of written word is no mean feat. It is something that only a professional writer can do; one that knows how to tug at the heartstrings of the reader without becoming a pushy salesman.

Hiring a professional writer for your creative copy is not an expensive affair. Local copywriting and web design companies offer low rate monthly packages that can include not just your web design but also the continuing maintenance and content for your site. Spending a little each month makes sense when you want your website to be a real success.

Having a great looking website is only half the battle. Allow your local experts in web design to create a web design that will increase sales and lower your bounce rate. Couple that with news posts and creative copy that is added to your site each month and you will have a website that can really sell your product and that will increase in the search engine rankings as time goes by.

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