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It’s a lot easier to do creative copywriting when you have a client and a target audience in mind. Writing in ethereal terms always seems aimless somehow, whereas once we have the brief in our greedy little palms then we’re away, chomping on chocolates and guzzling hot lava Java, tapping nineteen to the dozen on our keyboards. In fact, it’s like an outpouring of lava, as our ‘hot off the press’ words coagulate together into something so tasty you could win a WI cake contest with it.

Baking good copy and being a creative copywriter is about understanding your customer’s customer. It is about putting yourself in their shoes and trying to find the perfect combination of words to convince, entice, or even entertain. Nowadays, most content is imbibed online and the cyber world is a place where attention spans are short, and so every word has to count.

The secret to content marketing online is writing with a specific persona in mind, which means taking the time to understand how certain people tick and getting the tone of voice right. One proud word; an over-confident missive that comes across as arrogant and your patchword quilt has been torn to shreds.

Creative copywriting also takes a bold person. There is nothing worse than generic copy aimed at anyone and everyone. Word smiths should not be blunderbusses, they should be like sniper rifles, ready to scope out their target audiences.

If you are looking for a creative copywriter who will get inside the mind of your client and deliver a finely crafted piece of prose that will cut to the quick and engender action, then call us and lets discuss your requirements.

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