Freelance Copywriting Rates UK Vs Outsourcing to Abroad

In order for your website to be a success and one that creates sales, you need to keep refreshing its content. You need to offer news, advice, and occasional promotions to ensure that people keep coming back to you. A stagnant website will not only fail to create sales for you; it will drop down in the search engine listings so that no one will find you at all. So, the solution is to add exciting and engaging copy. But who should you get to write it? Below is a look at Freelance copywriting rates UK versus those that you can find when you shop abroad.

Freelance Copywriting Rates UK : National Vs Local

Using a UK company for your copywriting will always be more expensive than outsourcing to abroad. But, there are ways that you can keep down the price on your copywriting fees, and these start by using a local company or a freelancer as opposed to a national copywriting company.

A local freelancer will charge less than a national company because he has fewer overheads. If he or she works from home, he will have no overheads at all asides an Internet connection fee. So, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to use a local company, a freelancer, or indeed a local company that employs freelancers as writers.

freelance copywriting rates uk

Using a local company means cutting down on costs. It also means that a one on one consultation will be available. If you are unsure about how copywriting works and are uncomfortable with discussing your needs over the phone or via emails, then a local company or freelancer will definitely work best for you. Local companies and freelancers will not just offer you the best rates; they are also knowledgeable of your local area; a win-win situation.

Freelance Copywriting Rates UK : Versus Outsourcing

As a small company, you will have already discarded the option of employing a national copywriting firm. So, you are left with the choice of a local company, or outsourcing your copywriting to someone abroad. Immediately you have the disadvantage that you will not be able to have one on one communication. But besides this, there are many reasons why you should not outsource to abroad.

Freelance copywriting rates UK-based are more expensive than outsourced ones, but it is money well spent. If you search online for a freelancer to write for you, you will have to sift through dozens of profiles until you find one that fits the bill. But who is to say that the profile is real? You can look at a person’s star rating, but you will only really know if their copy is up to your standards if you try them out. This takes time, and you will have to pay for at least one or two articles to be written for you.

Possible Problems with Freelancers

The trouble with outsourced freelancers is that many of them are not native to the UK, US, Canada, or Australasia. Even if you do find someone who is based abroad but whose first language is English, there is no guarantee that their language is UK English. Americanisms are frowned upon by UK readers, and there are many words that just aren’t the same in the two languages.

If you find someone who is willing to, or promises to write keyword-rich articles for you for little more than a few dollars, then beware. People who are willing to work for so little money are not UK based and their command of the English language will be a lot poorer than your own. Some people who start out in freelancing will offer their services cheaply, but they will also have a clear profile that will show them as UK based, or UK-educated.

Freelance Copywriting Rates UK : Conclusion

Freelance copywriting rates UK-based are not the cheapest. But, if you are looking for quality content that is affordable, then they are best. The best solution for your web content is to use the services of a local SEO company who employ freelance writers. This type of arrangement allows you to get the very best copy, at the very best prices.

Asides working out who should take on your copywriting work, you need to decide what type of copy you need to be written. Depending on the type of website you have you may need technical copy, persuasive copy, or sales-driven copy. There are many different types of copywriting, and no one writer can produce them all. So, talk to your local SEO and copywriting experts and find the perfect person or company for your online copy and content.

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