Freelance Technical Writers : How they can Help You

Freelance technical writers are one of many specific breeds of copywriter. Copywriting can be broken down into many different areas, these including creative, travel, technical, and persuasive. So, when would you need the services of freelance technical writers? Read on to find out.

If you do not have enough time to write content for your website or you are not confident when it comes to areas such as optimizing your content, you should call on the specialists. But, depending on what you do or what product or service you are selling, you will need a certain type of writer. A copywriter who writes posts for your news section can be a general copywriter. But, when it comes to writing the technical stuff, you need someone who understands your product, perhaps better than you do yourself!

Freelance Technical Writers : For Electrical Products, Instruction Leaflets, and More

Freelance technical writers do not need to be gifted in the same way a persuasive content writer does. Instead he must be capable of explaining how a product works, writing its description accurately, and providing information for customers. Just because the product you sell is an electronic one, it doesn’t mean you have a degree in electronics!  But trying to write a product description that goes further than the dimensions and weight can soon become tricky. A technical writer will be able to format a description correctly, and give the information that is required for your product to meet EU standards.

freelance technical writers

Instructions are another area that freelance technical writers are good at. They can provide instruction manuals, often in more than one language for your customers and potential new clients. When writing instructions it is very important to ensure they are written in a way that not only you understand but that everyone else does. This is why it’s better to hand the job over to the expert.

Allowing freelance technical writers to add your product descriptions and write your instruction manuals will mean they are free from error. This is extremely important when you are trying to win the vote of confidence of your readers. A well-presented product with clear instructions or technical details will sell much more quickly than one that is missing these details.

Copywriters that work as freelancers charge very reasonable rates. This is because they rarely have any overheads, working from home. When choosing a freelancer to write your technical copy, ensure that British English is their first language. Many freelancers offering their services will be from the US, Canada, or not “English” at all.

If you are unsure, then the best way forward is to allow your local Bristol team of freelancers to take on the work for you. Working in conjunction with tried and tested copywriters, they will be able to provide you a service that is professional and very competitively priced.

Never underestimate the power of well written copy. A website can look great at first glance, but if it is lacking detail and professionally written copy and content, it will never go on to create sales.


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