Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer
The life of a freelance writer is so diverse that it’s hard to lay out a precise offering.

We relish writing features, articles and adverts for newspapers and magazines, and a sizeable portion of work comes under the auspices of being a freelance business writer; primarily writing online.

As each piece of writing is a conversation with the reader, we take the time to understand the tone of voice you wish us to use when speaking to your intended audience. Our writing is lively and engaging, and we can bring our jovial sense of humour to the writing when appropriate.

Advertising Copy

When the first Apple Macs came on the market in the 80’s, CampFire’s head writer was producing advertising copy and slogans for large UK companies (sometimes, while waiting a minute or so for the Mac to save a 100kb advert!)

“What’s in it for me?!”

CampFire believe the secret to great advertising copy is answering the client’s main question ‘what’s in it for them’.

CampFire will appeal to your clients’ narcissistic side to deliver advertising copy that doesn’t entreat, but instead engages and convinces. Your freelance marketing writer will explain your unique selling point in terms of advantages and benefits and appeal to the customer’s self-interest. Will it comfort, save, improve? Is it new? Is it discounted, free or (sigh) cheap? Does it add prestige?

Our advertising copy is enhanced by our head writer’s Masters in Psychology which helps to get inside the mindset of readers.

Freelance Content Writing

As freelance content writers we offer all kinds of website copywriting and are able to deliver pitch perfect copy to tight deadlines.

We are also able to search engine optimise our articles with our tried and tested SEO skills and in-depth keyword research.

So, if you’re looking to hire a freelance writer, then your search ends here. You’ve absolutely arrived at the right place!

Call 0800 085 2224 now and tell us what you’re looking for.

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