Professional Website Copywriting Vs Hiring a Freelancer

Professional website copywriting is without a doubt the best option for your new or existing online content. But when you have a strict budget to stick to it can be troublesome to know how much to invest. With freelancers offering their services for a few bucks per hour it can be tempting to hire an unknown person. You may get lucky. But you may also be wasting your money. Read on to find out the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer as opposed to a professional.

Professional Website Copywriting  : Price

If you are sticking to a tight budget, then a professional website copywriter may not be an option. You therefore have a few choices. You could try and write copy yourself, ask a friend to do it, or employ a local copywriter or a freelancer. Freelancers charge varying amounts for their services, and the less the charge, the worse the quality in general. If you are going to go down the freelance route, ask for a sample copy. It will become obvious after a few sentences whether the writer’s’ first language is English or not.

professional website copywriting

If you employ a freelancer, then do not go for rock bottom prices. A great alternative is to employ a local copywriter. With affordable prices and the opportunity to meet in person, a local copywriter can often provide you with the perfect package to fit your budget.

Professional Website Copywriting  : Quality

If you are looking for top quality copy, then once again, you should avoid cheap freelancers and should also avoid asking a friend to write copy for you. A professional website copywriter will provide the best quality. But at a price!  Once again, a local copywriter who is experienced can provide you with good quality copy at a price you can realistically afford.

Professional website copywriting from large and established web design and SEO firms will not be affordable if you are just starting out with your first web design. But, instead of choosing the very cheapest option or trying to write copy yourself, aim to employ a local copywriter who is affordable yet reliable.

Professional website copywriters have their advantages. But they come with a high price tag. Choose a local copywriter who can write not just your content but who can also manage your SEO campaign. Local companies can provide you with all the services you need, right from designing your site for you to managing it for a small monthly fee.

Remember when you are budgeting for your new website, you need to budget for not just the design. Your online content needs to be regularly updated with fresh new content. This is once again something that a local writer can do for a manageable and flexible monthly fee. As your business and website grow, you can gradually pour more money into your online campaign, building up your website slowly but surely into one where people will come for the best product or service and the best advice.

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