SEO Copywriting Course: What Will You Learn from One

An SEO copywriting course can help you with your career as a content writer. You may have excellent writing skills, but in today’s world, content needs to be optimised for SEO. If you own your own website you will be well aware of the different methods that you can use to improve your rankings. You can pay for adverts, which can work out extremely expensive if you target the wrong audience. Or you can use organic SEO techniques to ensure your website and content rank highly.

As a copywriter you can be forgiven for not understanding the ins and outs of SEO. It is complex, and Google are forever changing their algorithms and penalizing spam content and written word that is keyword stuffed. So, if you already have instructions on how many times to use keywords in copy, will you benefit from a SEO course? The answer is yes. Read on to find out why.

Why Take an SEO Copywriting Course

There are many reasons why you should invest some time into learning about SEO. There is one very important thing to remember however; SEO strategies are forever changing and what you learn today may not be relevant in just a matter of months. So, don’t get complacent, take a course, and think you know it all. Nor should you pay out big bucks on a course. It really isn’t worth it. In fact, you can find out everything you need to know about SEO strategies in copywriting for free by searching online.


As a copywriter you will rarely have lots of spare time on your hands. But any time you do have should be used wisely. Spare time can be used reading up on SEO blogs to learn what’s new and what not to do. The necessity to use the primary keyword right at the front of your article title has never been so important. If you upload articles using the likes of WordPress you will be warned if you have failed to do so. You will also learn about Meta descriptions and titles and a whole lot more.

Learning a little more about SEO can do you no harm. It can only prove to show that you are serious about what you do. If you land yourself a writing gig and the client asks to include Meta tags and an SEO description, you will know what to do. You will look professional, and you will almost certainly land yourself more gigs from the same client.

Learning about SEO is important as a writer as well as the owner of a website. SEO can be complex when it comes to things like Google Analytics and Keyword Planner. So, leave the stuff you are not comfortable with to the SEO experts, learning just enough to impress all your clients and to land you lots of work in the future. Take an SEO copywriting course in your spare time, and take refresher courses too. Updating yourself with all the new information out there on SEO will hold you in good stead as a copywriter.

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