SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting amid a sea of sharks

SEO Copywriting
Over the years, CampFire have come up against many other examples of SEO copywriting, but the majority of them are either poorly keyword researched or are trying to ‘pull the wool’ over Google’s eyes.

Google have a posse of over a 1000 PhD staff and going up against them is an ill-considered business plan. There are no corners to be cut and no shortcuts, just well-researched keyword content that is written for the reader and not for the robot.

SEO copywriting is a highly specialist area, and something we have been doing for 16 years to great effect. All our SEO copywriters use 100% natural methods and they produce amazing results.

As part and parcel of our SEO copywriting services CampFire offer bespoke keyword analysis and reports to ensure clients have concrete online marketing evidence to plan their web campaign with confidence.

CampFire deliver:

  • Detailed keyword research to discover words that are both lucrative and achievable
  • Competitor comparison to ensure your site is strong enough to compete
  • Copywriting that is not keyword stuffed, and reads naturally
  • Combinant* keyword strategy to provide a natural keyword dilution within the content

Why use SEO copywriting?

Take the guesswork out of your web marketing with Campfire.

If you write an article, hoping to bring in more people to your site, you may or may not achieve your aim. Our keyword analysis uncovers lots of keyword-rich titles that are being typed into Google each and every month. As long as your site is well-optimised and has enough backlinks, it will be your article that the searchers see.

Website Optimisation

Over 95% of businesses still have simple brochure websites that are very difficult for potential customers to find online. This is because these websites don’t contain the keywords that prospective clients are typing into Google each month. Ask CampFire about our 1 hour free website audit. It will cover potential issues such as:

  • Website Speed Test
  • Brief Keyword Analysis
  • Brief Competitor Analysis
  • Major Technical Issues
  • Website (Domain) Authority
  • Backlinks Count

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Why use an SEO Copywriter UK?

CampFire believe you have to live and breathe England to write the best British copy. Many subtle nuances feed into our writing; from the cultural tapestry we are immersed in, to the British tone of voice. You can learn English abroad, but you can’t imbibe everything from Stonehenge to St George in this ‘green and pleasant land’ unless you are ensconced in it every day. Being quintessentially British involves a lot more than drinking tea and complaining about the weather!

* Our tried and SEO laboratory tested ‘Combinant’ keyword strategy employs both primary and secondary keywords within the text. The primary keyword usually has a much higher search volume than the secondaries, but combining them together has a range of benefits. These include increasing the potential audience of the page, providing a range of backlinking and interlinking hypertext options, and diluting the primary keyword so the search engines see the page as natural and not optimised. With more backlinks going into the page from different sources using different keywords, all other keywords benefit and enhance each others’ ranking. (For any maths geeks out there this combinant algorithm is based on the fact that all keyword combinants share and enhance the cumulants’ additive property(!) Of course, this last bit we don’t normally explain to clients as their eyes tend to glaze over!

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