Travel Copywriter

Travel Copywriter
What’s that? You’d like a travel copywriter to fly to Las Vegas for a week and write an article about 24 hour party people for you? Then to the Bahamas in January for a week to write about the de-stressing benefits of lounging by a luxury hotel pool? Well OK, if you insist!

If only this were true! Aside from the very occasional holiday review job (we know when these jobs arrive as there is a wild spree of jubilant air fist-pumping, then we fill the paddling pool with baked beans and start naked wrestling to decide who gets to go) most travel copywriting is done from the discomfort of behind a desktop computer.

…but don’t let that put you off asking us, of course! 🙂 Plus, we are just as good at coming up with well-informed travel copywriting from behind the confines of a desk. We will research a location in minute detail, from a variety of sources and come up with a piece that shows an in-depth knowledge of the place, or subject.

When we take on a new travel writing project, we take time to understand the target audience. Are we to convey luxury or value for money? Are we signposting or providing useful, non-salesy informative copy? We also ask for relevant background information (such as brochures and other extant marketing literature) and contacts on the ground. The more time and resources we have, the more robust the final piece.

Also, many of our travel copywriters have the travel bug and between us, we have visited a fair portion of the world, so there is likely to be a fair amount of first-hand experiences to draw upon. Whether you are looking for the elegance of first class travellers, money-savvy budget travellers, or the more rugged tales from dusty dharma bums, there is at least one of each on the CampFire payroll.

Please call us, or email us the brief and we can let you know just what kind of experience we can bring to the table. Thank you.

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