Travel Copywriting : Where Words Make Journeys

Travel copywriting is a very specific breed of copy. It is not as simple as convincing someone to buy your product online. It’s about a lot more than just words. It is strain of copywriting that should be left only to those that know best.

Travel copywriting is about finding the right words. It’s about finding words that can take you to a destination without you leaving home. It must be appealing, evocative, and illustrative. These words must be combined with the right message. You are offering your reader a once in a lifetime experience. You are inviting them to visit a world of unknown. They will take your words as gospel. If you have never travelled to a destination, how do you know what to expect? You can trail Trip Advisor and find out all the negative aspects of someone’s holiday, or you can visit the world of travel copywriting and read someone’s post that will encourage you to take a trip halfway around the globe.

Travel Copywriting : More than Just Bookings

Travel copywriting is essentially a method to encourage people to make bookings. But it’s also far much more. A professional travel copy writer is someone who loves to write, loves to travel, and is also well-travelled. Expertise within the sector is essential, as you will be expected to respond to inquiries too.

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Different Types of Copywriting

Hotel copywriting is a large sector within the industry. All hotels, no matter how small need a story. A story that is accompanied by descriptions that are evocative, with a sales pitch thrown in that is not pushy yet persuasive. Hospitality copy is rather similar, the emphasis here being on selling a resort, a conference venue, or perhaps a VIP sports package.

Vacation rental copywriting is a growing business too. More and more people use sites like Home and Away and Airbnb to promote their villa or holiday home. Although some people look for the cheapest, many look for more exclusive resorts or holiday homes. So, how do you ensure that people choose your accommodation if it is not the cheapest and is indeed one of the most expensive? By having your copy written by someone who knows how to sell travel, whether as a package, hotel, or independent accommodation.

If you have a website that is dedicated to travel, travel content writing and copywriting are essential. No website that is stagnant and stale will sell your accommodation or encourage people to check into your hotel. Your website needs to come alive. With a mix of beautifully captured images and the right copy, you can sell your holiday home to guests. In fact, you can ensure that it stays full all year round.

Travel copy writing is eloquent, it is creative, and it is illustrative. Trying to sell a location to someone who has the whole globe to choose from is no mean feat. So, to ensure your site attracts the attention of the traveller and it wins their heart, use professional travel copywriting services from only those that know best.

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