Web Copywriting : A Job for the Professionals?

Web copywriting is big business. With all successful businesses in the UK and around the globe having an online presence, you cannot afford to get left behind. The question that will be on the tip of your tongue however will be whether you should tackle your copywriting yourself or leave it to the professionals.  Below is a look at what a professional copywriter Bristol and beyond can offer you that you cannot achieve yourself.

Web Copywriting : Copy that Makes an Impact

A good standard of written English is essential for your copy. Up to here you may think that it’s not too hard to achieve. But, having a good grammatical base is not everything you need. You need copy that will draw in your readers and keep their attention. Remember that the aim of each piece of copy written is to drive your readers to make a purchase from you. In the web copywriting business, such content is known as “killer copywriting”. It’s a trade you can learn, but do you have time? As a busy business owner, the answer is probably no. So, let the professionals take over.

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SEO Optimised Copy

If you are not aware of what SEO is, don’t panic. Search Engine Optimisation has been around for a while now, but it’s getting more and more difficult. Google will penalise your content if you stuff it full of keywords. Black Hat SEO is also a no-no. So, what do you do? You can pay for adverts, or you can get a professional copywriter to ensure your copy is optimised around the keywords that people are actually looking for. Paying for adverts is expensive business, and if you are not careful you can lose out big time. Every time someone clicks on one of your adverts, you pay for it. So, unless your adverts are carefully targeted to the correct audience, you will run up a bill with your adwords campaign and see no new leads being created.

Optimising content involves ensuring that it contains keywords and phrases that people will search for when conducting a standard Google or search engine search for a product or company. This might seem quite simple. But, it’s not. If it was easy, then everyone would have high ranking online content. The trick is using keywords that have not already been taken by the leading competitors. Starting to sound tricky? Then leave your web copywriting to the experts.

When hiring a copywriter you don’t necessarily need to spend big bucks. There are plenty of freelancers out there who will work for little money. But, as with everything, you pay for what you get. Ensure you hire a copywriter that has grammatically correct English, that can write killer content for you, and that is up to date on all the latest SEO techniques. There are hundreds of copywriters out there that fit all these criteria and more. You will also find copywriters who can manage your social media strategies, and even design a brand new website for you!

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