Web Design Copywriting : Why It is So Important

Web design copywriting is what put the final touches to a stunningly designed web page. The fault of many web designers is that they neglect the importance of the written word on websites, concentrating only on the aesthetic appeal. Below we will discuss why copywriting is an extremely important part of web design, and who needs it.

Web Design Copywriting : Complementing Aesthetics

It goes without saying that attractive websites are fundamentally better than bad looking sites. But, a website needs to not just look great. It needs to be easy to navigate around, and it needs to be full of interesting copy that people will actually read. If you have an appealing website full of nothing but low quality content, people will bounce back out of your site in seconds.

Adding the text to websites is the last job. In fact, it cannot be done until the site is ready for content to be uploaded. This is where many web designers fail. They put too much time and energy into the design of the site. Deadlines fast approach and the written content is still not ready. This leads to rushed jobs, and broken promises to themselves that they will go back at a later date and make sure the copy is up to scratch. Quick text that is hashed out at the last minute can be harmful to your website. This is where the service of a web design copywriting comes in.

web design copywriting

Web design and Copywriting : Two sides of the Same Coin

What needs to be recognised, is that web design and copywriting are indeed inseparable. Yet, the best web designer may not be capable of making great copy; and vice versa. A web designer will know little about the content that needs to be written for a website. Unless, it is a website on web design, and in this case, a web design company would not be hiring another web designer to build their site.

Some actually say that content precedes design. The content of your site is what sells your product or service. But of course, you cannot have content with web design. A quote from Jeffrey Zeldman states that “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” So, what point are we trying to make here?

The point being made here is that you cannot rely on a web designer to write the copy for your site. That is unless he or she is a web designer and copywriter. This is possible, but not that likely as web design is a specialised field that requires a different way of thinking than that used by a copywriter. A copywriter reaches out to his audience, bringing in sales by befriending his reader and allowing them to build up a rapport with him. This is not the job of a web designer who spends his time brushing up on the newest and most up to date web design techniques. For a website that doesn’t just look great, but read well, employ the services of a team who can offer web design and copywriting all under one roof.

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