Website Copywriter

Website Copywriter with 17 years’ web writing experience.

A website copywriter knows customers have short attention spans when reading online copy.

Website Copywriter
It’s essential to engage them quickly and effectively, and convert them into customers before they get distracted and wander off into the web ether.

By combining great website copywriting, powerful imagery and strong Calls To Action (CTA), you can improve your visitors’ user experience (UX) and your conversion rate immeasurably.

CampFire deliver one-off writing jobs, or offer bespoke monthly writing packages; supplying content for websites and social media management.

Types of Web Copywriting

  • Website copywriting: Features, web pages, blogs, articles, guest posts and Press Releases
  • SEO Copywriting: Keyword-rich landing pages that vastly increase visitor numbers
  • Social Media: Campaigns, Posts, LinkedIn profile writing, Facebook and Google Adverts
  • E-newsletters: Campaigns, HTML templates, and one-off newsletters
  • Emails: Sales, marketing, news, infotainment, and surveys.

Copywriting for Websites

As part of our website copywriting services, CampFire will also supply search engine-friendly meta titles and descriptions to add into the html meta code. This tells search engines what the page is about, ensuring they send relevant visitors to your website.

Web published articles and guest posts written for other websites will contain hyperlinked text pointing back to your site to increase backlinks. More backlinks means a more powerful website and higher rankings on the search engine results pages.

Social Media

Your web copywriter can deliver full social media campaigns, social media management, posts, professional LinkedIn Profiles and summaries, Facebook and Google Adverts.

CampFire do our best to write posts that are widely shared, but we do not offer ‘link bait’ articles or viral content as we cannot guarantee shareability. We have discovered, over the years, that longer articles with at least one image tend to do best, and articles that engender emotional responses such as awe and laughter do much better than ones that invoke sadness and anger.

Web Page Structure

It’s really essential that the content is broken down into bite-sized chunks, so the skim reader gets the message as well as those that study the whole page.

Nobody likes to read wide sentences either, so your website copywriter can lay out the text into columns to aid the reader.

CampFire can also arrange for a photographer to shoot the perfect image to accompany your web copywriting. Plus, we have access to an enormous library of commercially-licensed stock photography.

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