What is Copywriting : The Truth Unleashed

What is copywriting? A good question and one that should not be confused with what copyright is as the two could not be more different. Another myth is that copywriting is an easy career and one where you can work from home and earn large salaries. Of course, there are many successful freelance copywriters out there that do just that. But they did not wake up one morning and become a successful copywriter. Below is a look at the truth behind copywriting.

What is Copywriting? : The Basics

Copywriting is a broad term used that covers many areas in the field of marketing. It can range from writing website material to producing brochures, catalogues, and sending out emails to potential clients. A lot of what you find in your spam tray in your inbox is written by copywriters. But this is not high standard copy. High standard copy will not land in the junk mail of its recipient.

Copywriting is not an easy career to get started in as competition is tough and in the first few months you cannot expect to earn even a minimum wage. You need to start at the bottom, fend off competition, and work your way to the top. As a formal education is not required to work as a copywriter, you will face competition from all over the world from both educated and non-educated people. This is one reason that you cannot expect to start on a decent salary. There are plenty of people in developing countries who are willing to offer their services as a copywriter for far less than the UK minimum wage. The copywriting industry is forever expanding, as more and more businesses begin to realise the power behind a strong online marketing campaign.

what is copywriting

Copywriting covers many different areas such as advertising promotional material and website content. But, not all the work of a copywriter will end up online. A copywriter may also work on commercials for TV and radio, billboard advertisements, and brochures that will be printed and not just used online. A successful copywriter does not just write news or information; he succeeded in engaging the reader, so that they will then go on to buy a product or opt-in to a service. One thing copywriting isn’t however is hard selling, although you may compare a copywriter to a salesman in print.

What is Copywriting? : Becoming a copywriter

Of the hundreds of thousands of people who work in copywriting, you will find a large diversity of people. Some may have college or university degrees, and other may not have even finished school. Some are retired, and many are stay-at-home single mums who are looking for a way to make something of their life after giving up their educations to become parents. To become a copywriter, all you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection. Everything else can be learned. If you have a good grasp of the English language, and know how to turn on a computer and use a word processor, then you can become a copywriter. As for making six figure salaries. That takes time, patience, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

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